Tim Hudson '10 has the following stats:

  • Control: 74
  • Power: 130
  • Endurance: 76
  • Ball Speed: S
  • Defense: B

He has the following pitches:

  • Slider
  • Sinker
  • 4 Seam
  • Curve
  • Split-finger


Tim Hudson '10 is a solid pitcher. His pitch ratings are average for a monster year pitcher, but his aresenal of 5 pitches is good, albeit a little weird (there is no changeup). His 74 control is poor, yet he didn't walk anyone in the test game. He can't strike anyone out to save his life, which puts a lot of pressure on the defense to bail him out. His 76 stamina is barely enough to support this poor control. I would only recommend him if you have a solid enough defense to back him up.

His stat line from the test game:

  • 9 IP, 3H, 0 ER, 0BB, 3K, 0HBP

Performance: 33

  • Early Innings: 7
  • Middle Innings: 8
  • Late Innings: 7

Pitch Ratings: 11.5

  • Pitch Rating:7
  • Pitch Arsenal: 9

Overall: 44.5/60