A unicorn card (or uni, unis, dragon) is a card considered to be the best available for that player. The card is a Platinum level 8 card with certain stats and attributes.

True Unicorn Card

A "True Uni" is a card that has its stats and attributes agreed upon by the majority of the community. These are the most valuable cards in the game.

For batters, the card must have:

  • the stats: +2 contact, +53 power, +2 bat eye
  • the attributes: Heavy Hit, Defensive Captain, and Slugger.
    Batter true uni

    An Aramis Ramirez'06 true uni

For pitchers, the card must have

  • the stats: +0 control, +51 power, +0 endurance
  • the attributes: Speed of Light, Iron Stamina, and Pitching Machine.


Cards with the same stat distributions as a true uni but different attributes are often refered to as semi-unis. These cards are not generally agreed upon but contain a combination of the following three attributes.

For batters: Low Body Workout, Heavy Hit, Defensive Captain, Slugger, Head on Head, Well Rounded

For pitchers: Peace of Mind, Speed of Light, Polishing Changeup, Iron Stamina, Pitching Machine, Treasured Pitcher, Swing Man

Batter semi uni

A Carlos Gomez Semi-Uni.